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If you’re looking for new software or web applications, is worth checking out. We specialize in providing quality software that is hand-picked and always up to date with the latest versions. Plus, offer downloads for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

We offer email support, either by phone or by reply email.

Our software category pages may be of interest. We have been reviewing software in the areas of database, Internet applications, operating systems, and other software that might be of interest to you. In many cases, these reviews are for products that you would not be able to get for free on the Internet.

For all other inquires and issues, you can use this form to submit a support request. Please make sure to include the following information:
Technical support number,
Customer reference number, and
The nature of the issue you are facing. (If you have encountered a bug, please indicate whether or not it still exists.).

Our service is powered by GetForge and you can read a little more about them here. If you want to join the GetForge team then please contact us with your contact details to discuss the membership options.

We have just released our newest update to Imagemagick. This update fixes the problem with the Imagemagick convert application – when combined with certain USB keyboards. In addition, it also now fully supports both the iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 7+

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